The Christmas Hope Project started in 2008 with G and Emil Reyes, friends of ours who wanted to give gifts to those who are extremely poor and can’t afford a Christmas meal. Being from the Philippines, they started with the initial goal to provide groceries to 10 families in the Philippines who barely had food to eat on a daily basis. They wanted to give these 10 families the opportunity to celebrate Christ’s birthday and have enough for a few days after. 

Last year the Christmas Hope Project raised $12,000 and helped over 900 families and it expanded to include Mexico, Cuba and the Philippines.

Thiis Christmas, we will work with local partners in the following areas, and bring the Christmas Hope Project to:

Zona Norte, Tijuana: Home to drug addicts, prostitutes, street children, and immigrants from all over the world.  We work with Mexico-Red in Zona Norte.

Philippines: We will continue to bless the poor and needy in the Philippines.

Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico: Our partners, Nathan and Laura Cole from Gente on la Roca, give their neighbors in need (many living in cardboard shacks) a large bag of groceries and host a special evening just for them.

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