Throughout the past 17 years, Circle of Concern has helped to plant churches in a variety of cities in Mexico including partnerships with Agape Ministries in Mezcales and Bucerias, and Foundation for His Ministry who works to help children through orphan care and medical/personal needs.

Circle of Concern has made a point to help new churches with their community outreaches. The first community outreach involved caring for a neighborhood in Santa Ana to support La Puerta Church of Santa Ana as it made important connections with families in the area. Then COC provided the same services (eyeglass clinic, family photos, face painting, balloon animals, etc.) to help New Song Español in Oceanside. This is an easy and fun way for others to get involved and to do hands on ministry right here in Southern California. 

We also have the discretion to help individuals: a hungry child, a frightened and homeless pregnant girl, someone who needs a jacket to stay warm at night. The kind of people whose problems are “too small” for most groups.   Here's an example of assistance we were able to give when they didn't know where to turn.

Christmas Hope Project

The Christmas Hope Project started in 2008 with G and Emil Reyes, friends of ours who wanted to give gifts to those who are extremely poor and can’t afford a Christmas meal. Being from the Philippines, they started with the initial goal to provide groceries to 10 families in the Philippines who barely had food to eat on a daily basis. They wanted to give these 10 families the opportunity to celebrate Christ’s birthday and have enough for a few days after.  10 families soon turned into 42 as friends heard the vision and wanted to be a part. 

Each year after, the number of families helped has multiplied and in 2017, 758 families in the Philippines were helped. Not only did the Christmas Hope Project provide groceries, it has evolved to helping people spiritually. When the groceries are given, the Good News of Jesus love is also shared. Over 700 folks have received the best and truest Christmas gift of all: Eternal life through Jesus.

This year, the Reyes brought their vision to Circle of Concern, as they want to expand the project to Mexico.  We are now partnering together to also bring the Christmas Project to:

Guanajuato, Mexico: We will bring a team to host an outreach as well as provide groceries to families in need. Outreach dates: Dec 13-17. More information will be posted. Email if interested.

Zona Norte, Tijuana: Home to drug addicts, prostitutes, street children, and immigrants from all over the world.  We will work with Keith and Maya Durkin to provide hope to this very needy area.

Philippines: We will continue to bless the poor and needy in the Philippines.

You can help by sponsoring a family with a gift of $15.00 per family.  But any amount is greatly appreciated! All gifts are fully tax deductible.

Donate to the Christmas Hope Project

A Wheel Chair for Kiki

KiKi, age 62 can hardly get around anymore.  She’s had a hard life, full of illness and pain.  We found out about Kiki and her need for a wheel chair from a family friend. She was healthy until about 13 years old when she started having seizures and migraines and lots of neck and back pain.  There were lots of misconceptions then about blood sugar and epilepsy and allergies, so it was a very difficult and confusing time.  

Kiki became a Christian in the early 70’s as did most of her family. But people would tell her if she really believed she would be healed.  However, she wasn’t and so she felt ashamed and thought that she must not be good enough.  She felt her life was judged by people constantly. It's been a difficult journey for Kiki to find true acceptance deep in her soul. Today, she is married to a pastor of a very small church. They live in a very rural area  of California, and have very few resources. They have learned to live on very little.  

We were blessed to provide Kiki with the gift of a small light wheelchair to assist her in getting around.  Something so simple, yet life changing for someone like Kiki.

Circle of Concern has also partnered with Ezrah’s Hands to help provide gifts for Kinship families (siblings raising siblings due to parental absence as a result of incarceration, health issues or abandonment) within the cities of Santa Ana, Tustin and Orange.  We are also partnering with a ministry who brings food from San Diego into Tijuana to reach the most destitute..orphans, elderly, drug addicts and more.